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Sudan's Suffering Children--
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DonateNowFor twenty years the brave people of southern Sudan have struggled for existence as their own government bombed them and did everything possible to annihilate them.  At last, in January 2005, through the efforts of leaders like This girl in S Sudan was attracted through the active teaching methods of Every Child MinistriesJohn Garang, a peace agreement was signed.  Although there have been violations, the agreement gave southern Sudan a rest that this generation had never known.  It also made it safer and much more feasible for Christian organizations to help rebuild that devastated land.  Then, following a landslide victory, South Sudan voted to secede from Sudan and form its own nation. 

Every Child Ministries was there one week before nationhood was declared in 2011, helping southern Sudanese prepare for nationhood.  Lorella Rouster trained Sunday School and other children's teachers at Nimule in more effective methods of evangelizing and teaching the upcoming generation.

Training manuals and "Wordless Books" made of sturdy felt by ECM volunteers were distributed to each teacher.  The group learned and practiced the "Step by Step" method of inductive Bible study in which children read a small portion of Scripture, answer questions about it, act it out, then sing out its truths with dancing and gestures.  They also practiced sharing the Gospel using the Wordless Book.  This proved to be quite challenging, since a pet monkey belonging to the orphanage that hosted the event kept grabbing everything our team laid down.

The pet monkey at Cornerstone Orphanage in S Sudan kept interrupting ECM's programFive churches and two orphanages participated, all from southern Sudan.  The training was made possible by Morro Bay Presbyterian Church in Morro Bay, CA.

Following the training, ECM presented to the orphanage sacks of beans, rice, flour and sugar also provided by the Morro Bay church.  Thank you, dear friends, for your encouragement and expressions of love to the children of southern Sudan!

  Mama Lorella with southern Sudanese children's teachers trained at Nimule by Every Child Ministries   Southern Sudanese children attracted by the active teaching methods of Every Child Ministries
  Children's teachers from Southern Sudan practicing using Wordless Books made of durable felt, gifts of Every Child Ministries   Lorella with Samuel Juma, founder of the Cornerstone Orphanage
  Homes at Nimule, South Sudan, where Every Child Ministries trained children's teachers on the eve of their independence   
  Mama Lorella trained teachers in S Sudan on the eve of their independence.   Teachers in S Sudan were glad to receive ECM training.


Sudan officials showing ECM reps their prized copy of the 2005 peace agreementThis was ECM's second follow up on our initial visit to the Cornerstone Orphanage in Sudan in 2006.  One staff member urged ECM's involvement because he said, "If you want to consider areas of greatest need, I can tell you right now it's Sudan."  At that time,some relief supplies were delivered to the church and orphanage there-- BiSudanese orphan thrilled with his new duds donated by ECM friendsbles, Gospel booklets from World Missionary Press, clothing, shoes, soccer balls and needles and other item.  It was wonderful to see the joy on the faces of downtrodden children as they realize they are not forgotten by God, or by His people. 



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 Every Child Ministries urges Christians everywhere to PRAY FOR the suffering children of New Sudan! 

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