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Ugandan Children of the Slums

Photo report--Summer ministry in the Kamwokya slums of Kampala

 Unschooled kids of Kamwokya slum waited outside for up to 2 hours every morning for the ECM program to begin

Donate now to Every Child Ministries to help Ugandan slum children and others.A team of summer missionaries from Every Child Ministries began ministry to the children of the Kamwokya slum in the summer of 2007.  The slum was chosen because it is home to a large number of families displaced from the north because of the LRA terror, and because it is the largest slum in the capital city of Kampala with a large number of children living in poverty. 


Jane Kunsime headmistress of KCC Primary School in Kamwokya with her brother at a dinner given in the ECM teams honorJane Kansiime, the headmistress of KCC Primary School in the area, kindly allowed us to use the main meeting hall of the school to minister to the large numbers of children who cannot afford to attend school.  About 180 eager unschooled children waited each morning for our program to begin, sometimes arriving up to 2 hours in advance!

ECM ministry to unschool children of the Kamwokya slums

Every morning the team taught this group of lively, rowdy, but thoroughly enthused children.   There were desks to seat only about half the children, so the others sat on the floor in front.  There were six members of the ECM teaching team--Cheryl Bockstahler (team leader), Heather Hernandez, Leanne McKitrick, Lance Bernhard, Amanda Kedzierski, and Megan Towell, in addition to supervisor Lorella Rouster.  The school provided translators into the Luganda language.  Even so, keeping this many children under control kept the whole team hopping!

Leanne McKitrick and Heather Hernandez lead the children in memorizing a Bible verse


Each morning's program consisted of a Bible lesson with songs, a story and a memory verse, review, and concluded with learning, recreational and developmental activities. We were all amazed at how much the children learned and remembered.  There were so many children, but we did our best to make each one feel special, shaking their hand, patting their shoulder, or "high-fiving" them as they left each day.  We could tell that the children considered it a special privilege to be there.

 These children live in poverty that prevents them from attending school but they responded so well to the ECM summer program

The 180 children who attended ECM's program live in deep poverty that prevents them from attending school.  Even though Uganda now has universal free primary education, parents still have to pay for books, pencils and uniforms.  Many families of the Kamwokya slum live in poverty that prevents them from taking advantage of the free tuition offer.  Yet the children learned easily and eagerly in ECM's summer program.  Now ECM's sponsorship program will make it possible for many of these children to attend school for the first time.  They are so excited they can hardly wait!

  Every Child Ministries summer program for children in poverty in the Kamwokya slum of Kampala included educational and recreational activities

After Bible teaching in the large group, each ECM summer missionary took a smaller group of children and did a variety of learning, developmental and recreational activities with them.  Here Leanne McKitrick reviews the alphabet with an eager group of children.

Heather Hernandez reviews pictures with children of the Kamwokya slum of Kampala in Every Child Ministries summer programHeather Hernandez summer missionary with Every Child Ministries in the slum of Kamwokya Kampala in UgandaThe team tried to give children as much individual attention as possible in such a large group, and the children ate it up like cotton candy.  At the left, Heather Hernandez reviews basic vocabulary flash cards.  On the right, she analyzes pictures with the children.

Megan Towell summer missionary with Every Child Ministries shares the Gospel in the Kamwokya slum of Kampala Uganda using the Evangecube An eager crowd of children from the Kamwokya slum of Kampala Uganda listen to the Gospel presented by summer missionaries from Every Child MinistriesThe Bible lessons included the Gospel message--the only message that offers real and lasting hope for children (of all ages!) anywhere.  Countless children responded by inviting Jesus into their hearts and lives as their personal Saviour and Lord.
At the left, Megan Towell shares the Gospel story using the Evangecube.  At the right, a crowd of eager children listen.

Some of the ECM team also observed and assisted in afternoon classes at the school, and all of them taught an after-school class for the 6th and 7th grades.

Amanda Kedzierski summer missionary with Every Child Ministries helps Ugandan students with math homework

At the right, Amanda Kedzierski helps students with their math homework.  She found that in addition to helping them, she also discovered a few new math tricks herself--one of the many advantages of intercultural exchange.

Children who are sponsored through Every Child Ministries' Child Sponsorship Program will attend KCC School where the summer ministry was held.

Cheryl Bockstahler summer missionary team leader with Every Child Ministries with her new Ugandan friendCheryl Bockstahler served as ECM's team leader for the summer missionaries in both Ghana (in June) and Uganda (in July).  This was Cheryl's third summer mission with Every Child Ministries.  Cheryl discovered a very special friend in one of  her classes.  Although the girl sat us straight in her chair during class, when she walked out, Cheryl noticed she was bent over like a hairpin, and walked holding her ankles.  Cheryl was so amazed at the girl's wonderful spirit that they soon became fast friends. ECM summer missionaries sometimes feel it's hard to know who is more blessed--the children they teach or they themselves, for the privilege of teaching such children.


 Lance Bernhard and Heather Hernandez teach a Bible class as summer missionaries with Every Child MinistriesThe children were glad to stay for the afternoon classes.  One boy in the classes identified himself as  Muslim, but he still listened.                                                                                                              

 /files/Uganda pictures/554Leanne_n_Amanda_dancing.jpgAt the left, Amanda  Kedzierski and Leanne McKitrick lead their classs in enthusiastic singing.  At the right, Lance Bernhard and Heather Hernandez discuss a topic of interest with their class.




Poor families from the Kamwokya slum gave eggs as thank you gifts to the summer missionary team from Every Child  MinistriesThe ECM team ministered freely and charged nothing for any of their services.  They were overwhelmed when the poor families of the area started bringing them eggs as thank you gifts.  Their appreciation was so great for the teaching Every Child Ministries summer missionaries gave their children!  The team was eating in a hotel, so we gave the eggs to the school to enhance the children's lunches.


To God be the glory for all that was accomplished, and a special thank you to everyone who supported the team in prayers, gifts and encouragement.


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UPDATE:  November 11, 2011

A group of 54 children from Kamwokya have been sponsored and started to school.  Will you make it one more?
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