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Haven of Hope Academy
Associated with ECM's Haven of Hope in Ghana, West Africa


Happy to be learning at Haven Academy  Now Isaac has a chance at life  Operated in Ghana by Every Child Ministries for educationally disadvantaged childrenDonate Now to support Haven of Hope Academy through Every Child Ministries.Where can educationally deprived African children get a new start?  Haven of Hope Academy was started to develop the God-given gifts and creative powers of the children living at Haven of Hope, children who were severely behind in their studies or who had never had the opportunity to attend school.  Since the beginning of Haven of Hope, the home had operated an "in-house" nursery Children on the veranda at Haven Academy  Operated in Ghana by Every Child Ministries for educationally disadvantaged childrenand preparatory classes to enable poor children coming from the streets and having little or no educational background to begin their educational journey.  As soon as they were able, the older children first attended the local village school. But it is quite an order to suddenly place that many children of the same class in a village school.  The teachers and administration worked at it diligently, but ECM soon began to realize that we needed a special school for the Haven of Hope children.  

Haven Academy preparing for new year Fall 2007  Operated in Ghana by Every Child Ministries for educationally disadvantaged childrenHaven Academy was constructed in 2004 and opened in January 2005.  It has grown every year, and now offers Preschool through ninth grade with emphasis on helping educationally deprived children catch up, develop their creative gifts and a lifelong love of learning.  As This merry go round and other playground equipment was a gift to children in Ghana from children in US churches  Haven of Hope Academy is operated in Ghana by Every Child Ministries to give a new chance to educationally disadvantaged childrenHaven Academy has grown, we have been able to admit some of the needy children of the surrounding area, in addition to the children at Haven of Hope.  ECM began construction in 2008 on the second set of buildings, which will allow us to continue adding classes.  In partnership with Girls for Africa, we are nearing completion of that building this year, 2013.

A stronger school, A better educational opportunity
Haven Academy kids performing traditional Ghanaian dances for a school program in 2006  Haven of Hope Academy is operated in Ghana by Every Child MinistriesEstablishing Haven Academy allows us at ECM the advantages of being able to control the teaching discipline, and general morale of the school, of being able to add enrichment classes and to offer the children the advantages of combining the strengths of both the Ghanaian and the American educational systems.  The Ghanaian system is very strong on memorization of facts and Haven Academy kids during prayer time  Haven of Hope Academy is operated in Ghana by Every Child Ministries for educationally disadvantaged childrendiscipline, while

the American system is stronger on creative learning methods, making learning fun, and applying knowledge to real life.  When you combine those strengths with a Biblical world-view and the motivation and purpose that comes from knowing that we were created by God and are valued by Him, well, we at ECM think you have a very strong combination indeed.  Our goal is to help the children build self-worth through discovering and developing the unique gifts God has given each of them, to enable them to contribute in a positive way to their nation, the African continent, the church of Jesus Christ, and the world.

Many will find help at Haven Academy
We at Every Child Ministries believe that there are many other poor children from the surrounding area who could also benefit from a school of this type.  In that spirit, we have admitted about 150 children from the local community.  We want to see every child reach his or her God-given potential!

To see Haven Academy's Educational Philosophy, Click here.

Haven Academy classrooms and children.  Project of Every Child MinistriesFunding the Academy
Many of the operating expenses of Haven Academy are met through educational sponsorships.  Each needy child needs an educational sponsor at $32/month.  This covers uniforms, books, teachers' salaries & benefits, classroom supplies, governmental relations, and incidentals.  

To donate for scholarships, for finishing construction of the JHS, for textbooks, or to strengthen the school in general, click here.

American Teaching Assistants (Volunteer):
We are glad to consider applications from Americans who hold teaching credentials, share our philosophy, and desire to serve as volunteer teaching assistants for one to two years.  Click here to request further information. 

Short term missionary teacher Ashley Ducommun plays soccer with the students at Haven Academy.  Photo Every Child Ministries Such teachers can make a real contribution by helping to enrich the students' educational experience and helping develop the strengths of the American system.  Ghanaian teachers are also sought for paid positions to ensure that the school meets all the expectations of Ghanaian society and prepares its students well to continue their education to higher levels if that should be their goal.

To contact ECM for information, click here.

Donations of books, educational games, software, and educational materials of all kinds are welcome.  Please include $1.25 per pound for shipping.  Contact ECM International Mission Central for more information.

Donate now to help Haven of Hope Academy, a project of Every Child Ministries.

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