Bruce and Janine Coker

ECM Missionaries Since: 2014          Ministry: The Afayo Project, Uganda          Based In:  Jinja, Uganda

Cokers with African Children

Bruce and Janine Coker were called by God to leave their career paths to serve as missionaries and work with the Afayo Project in Uganda, Africa. They arrived in Uganda in July 2014 to work with the Afayo team only to find out they were being asked to take over the leadership of the Project. The Afayo Project works in the village of Naigobya along side the local church and St. Paul’s Primary School helping the community develop Vocational skills while sharing and teaching Christ’s love.

The Project is holistic and focuses on empowering the Men, Women and Children of the village to learn, grow and develop their God given potential where multiple generations will thrive. Education is the key. The ministry focuses on:

  •  Biblical training and Spiritual Development
  •  Vocational training, Sustainability and Community Development
  •  Agricultural Training - Using Farming God’s Way
  • Orphan care – helping orphan and needy students with school tuitions costs, basic physical needs such as clothes, meals at school and formula to infants
  •  Teacher training – helping teachers with skills for better teaching

Bruce directs the Project and leads men and women in Pastoral/Leadership classes. He also is helping the school to learn ways to run effectively and incorporate Christ in the classroom. He acts as school Chaplin and directs the building projects at the school. He also teaches woodworking to the P7 students; teaching skills that may be a source of income for their future.

Janine leads Women and girls of the village in Vocational training by offering Sewing, Beading and Crafting Classes. Many of the young girls will not be given the opportunity to advance beyond Primary School. By teaching young women of the village skills and empowering them, they begin to see their value and their God given potential. Janine leads weekly Bible studies and incorporates Christ in all she teaches. She is training Women to Lead Women to become independent, and helping them find ways to earn an income to provide for their families.

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