Lorella Rouster

ECM Missionary Since: 1985          Ministry: Bible Lessons for Congo children         Based in: Indiana, USA                                                                                                                                                                                               

On January 1, 2015, John & Lorella, founders of ECM and International Directors for 18 years, stepped into new positions.  On October 1, 2016, John officially retired for medical reasons, but continues as a dedicated volunteer.  Lorella is now dedicating her time and energy to Congolese children and families as an ECM missionary.

Lorella’s “roles and goals”:

  • Serving as projects advisor (by e-mail and through short-term trips) for the Democratic Republic of Congo and other French-speaking countries.
  • Development of Sunday School lessons in the Kituba language.
  • Goal-A library of ten years of lessons covering all main histories and teachings of the Bible
  • Potnetial learners-3 million children!
  • Supervise Congolese staff in translating lessons into French, Lingala, and Tshiluba (Seeking Swahili translator)
  • Supervision of Teachers' Resource Libraries in strategic locations for distribution of Sunday School materials (cycle of loan, return, reuse)
  • Professional development of staff and other Christian leaders (Christian education, fighting child trafficking, taking Gospel to devotees of African traditional religion)
  • Speaking on her ministry and the above topics
  • Writing books on her family's ministry experiences, proceeds to provide a source of revenue for Congo ministries (staff salaries, transportation and communication, office rent, etc.)

John's volunteer minitries:

  • Grounds work at Mission Central headquarters
  • Calling people to enlist volunteer help, invite to meetings, etc.
  • "Whatever needed" ministry of helps
  • Lifting household responsibilities from Lorella to allow her more time to write

What? Lorella is raising support again? Why?

When the Rousters were International Directors, their support was partially met by a dedicated group of churches.  Beyond that, it was supplemented through ECM's "Where Needed Most" fund.  Now that Lorella is back to missionary status, this supplemental help is no longer appropriate.  Therefore, Lorella has agreed to seek to raise funds for personal support as well as ministry needs.  Her minstry needs fund includes African travel as well as the production and transport of the Sunday School materials she is creating. 

Click here to financially support Lorella's work.

Please contact Lorella at: lrouster@ecmafrica.org