Lorella Rouster

ECM Missionaries Since: 1985          Ministry: Missionary in Residence          Based in: Indiana, USA

On January 1, 2015, John & Lorella, founders of ECM and International Directors for 18 years, stepped into a new position,“Missionaries in Residence.”  While living close to ECM's home office in NW Indiana, they continue to serve African children in a variety of ways. In October 2016, John officially retired from the ministry, but continues as a dedicated volunteer. Lorella continues as a member of the ECM staff.

Lorella’s ministries:

  • Serving as project advisor (by e-mail and through short-term trips as health allows) for the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Development of Sunday school literature and other literature in the Kituba language.
  • Development of Teachers’ Resource Libraries for distribution of Sunday school materials in Congo. 
  • Training of staff and other Christian leaders in Christian education and child trafficking issues.
  • Occasional speaking on behalf of the mission.

John’s volunteer ministries:

  • Grounds work & building maintenance at Mission Central
  • “Wherever & whatever needed” ministry of helps
  • Occasional speaking on behalf of the mission.

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